I’ve never really cared for Valentine’s Day. I don’t want to kill the spirit for the ones who do care, but let’s face it: it’s another commercial day where they want you to spend your money on hearts, teddy bears and… chocolate. Chocolate! That’s a word that changes everything… That’s how they trick you into (sort of) caring for V-Day.

Yesterday I attended a “Valentine’s Chocolate Workshop” at Sur La Table in Farmer’s Market. That was the perfect opportunity for me to get my hands and apron covered in chocolate, learn more about it, and actually get creative with it. We learned how to “temper chocolate” (I had no idea how temperamental chocolate can be!), make ganache, fudge, truffles, bark, as well as caramel and fondant for dipping. We experimented with writing and decorating with chocolate, we made strawberries wear little tuxedos… We were all clumsy with decorating but I think we did an okay job… And the best part of it all, we got to eat the treats we made. In fact there was so much of it, that we took some home with us.

Later this afternoon I’ll be baking chocolate cupcakes to enjoy after dinner. Photos to follow, if they turn out nice!

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