Pretty much like everybody else in the biz, I started out wanting to be a Director, and soon ventured into Editing because somebody had told me that “best directors come out of the cutting room”.

The first time I laid hands on the AVID was 1999. I can’t even remember which version it was, but back then AVR 77 was the best resolution out there! This was in Istanbul-Turkey, and the company I was working for was one of the first in the country to invest in an AVID. There weren’t any “AVID Editors” in the country yet, so I volunteered into learning it and jumped on the Editor’s seat.

Previous to that I was producing TV segments, EPKs and whatnot (or “assisting directing” as they would say in Turkey)  and I was used to sitting down with the Editors on linear systems. I always made a point to be thoroughly prepared with my paper cuts so that the poor Editor didn’t have to go through hell and frustration to change things around. So I guess I can say that I learned the basics of Editing, watching my talented Editor friends at work. Learning the mechanics of the AVID was the easy part for a kid born in the beginning of the digital age.

Cooking came way later. Growing up, cooking was equal to chores in my book. Maybe because I saw my mom cook constantly. It took me years to realize that she was cooking because she actually enjoyed it and not because she had to feed me and my dad. For every meal she would prepare quite a few dishes and try different things. My dad always says that she’s a great cook because she puts her heart and soul in every dish. Even though I avoided the kitchen like plague, I inevitably saw how my mom cooked, smelled the aromas and trained my taste buds along the way.

When I moved to Los Angeles and started to live on my own I had no other option but cook for myself. Again, it first started as a chore  but soon after, I realized that cooking is actually very creative. Experimenting with sauces, spices, different cuisines, putting your own twist to recipes… I was hooked! Needless to say, like in everything else, one needs to learn the art and craft of cooking and practice it a lot before they can get far with it. I basically have a long way to go!

So why “Editing and Cooking”? Well, because these are two of my passions and when you dig into it like Freud would, perhaps you’ll find out that they both remind me of happy memories of my childhood. I must have been watching “E.T.” and “Back to the Future” over and over again while enjoying my mom’s delicious dishes and deserts.

The other thing is that I’ve always thought that Editing and Cooking are very similar. The edit bay is where you “cook” the movie. That’s where you combine the ingredients or the shots into something new and something that makes sense together. Eggs, cheese and tomatoes make better sense together when whisked into an omelet. Same goes with shots, dialogue, music and sound effects. They’re all there to add to one another.

I hope you enjoy this blog about post-production and editing!

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